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Our firm has added family law mediation to the list of services it offers.  We are proud to be one of the few firms in the area who can offer this service and invite your inquiries if you believe that we can help you.

Attorney Eric D. Hendrickson has received his certification to serve as a family law mediator.  We began our practice in this area in the summer of 2009, and have already successfully mediated our first cases.

Mediation is a voluntary process by which the parties are encouraged and assisted in reaching agreement.  It is distinct from litigation, in which an order is imposed upon the parties following an adversarial process.  Rather, mediation uses various techniques which allow parties to arrive at mutually beneficial agreements.  It is usually far less costly than litigation.  In addition, the parties have the added benefit of actually being invested in the result.  The ultimate agreement will be voluntary, not something imposed upon the parties from above. Attorney Hendrickson’s extensive experience in family law litigation puts him in a particularly effective position to bring parties to agreement.

Parties are welcome to use this process whether or not they are represented (although your attorney’s consent will be required if you are represented), and it can be used either on limited issues within a divorce, or as a means to try and resolve all of the issues within a divorce or legal separation.

Our office takes great pride in helping people to resolve their family matters amicably and get on with their lives in a reasonable fashion. If you think we can be of assistance to you, please call our office at (920) 982-7200 and ask for Eric or Deb.


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